MOU signed with KPMG for Spoken English Classes

KPMG and HOPE foundation has worked on different projects in various Indian cities. KPMG desired to work with us in Delhi also, the capital of India. Recently our long years of association bore fruit when we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with them. HOPE foundation will provide teachers to conduct the English classes in the school run by Literacy India, in Palam Vihar, Gurgaon. KPMG has been supporting that school so they approached us to fill in the gap.

We have appointed two teachers who will join the school’s staff. Their focus will be to teach English to children from nursery to secondary class students. In the process they will be training the current teachers to become more efficient in teaching. Their goal will also be to make learning English relevant, fun and interactive, something we have experience in.

We are excited about this project as it will strengthen our relationship with KPMG. It will also provide an open door for us to the Gurgaon community, something we have been eager to do for several years.


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