G4S Siksha School

Started in : 2010   |   Lives touched : 60   

Brief Summary:

G4S Shiksha School opened on 2nd March 2010 with 60 students entering the new school, 30 children in KG and 30 in the 1st standard. In this spacious and beautiful new building the children will be receiving free, first class education along with a nutritious meal daily. They have been provided with blue coloured uniforms and caps. Their bright and colourful classrooms are perfect for the daily lessons. This English medium school is a blessing for the children from the neighbourhood. Very soon the computer lab will start to make these children computer savvy.

HOPE worldwide is very grateful to G4S for opening this brand new school so more children from Sangam Vihar can enjoy a wonderful learning experience.


TannuTannu: Being Poor with Dignity

Poverty strips man of his bare essentials so that he would give up his dignity as well. But there are few who brave such poverty and rise above it. The soft spoken seven year old Tannu is the heroine of our story.
When Tannu's family hit a bad phase in their lives they had to sell their house and move to a rented accommodation. Soon the rent also became hard for them to pay and Tannu had to move with her family of seven members to a small room in Sangam Vihar, one of the largest slums of Asia.
Tannu's dad couldn't hold on to one job for long. Being illiterate he could only manage to find lower rung temporary jobs with meager pay. Life became hard for them. His wife could have gone out of the house to work but her husband didn't allow. He feared that she would end up working as a maid; money would have come but not respect.

Tannu understands this. She is a regular student of G4S Shiksha School and studies hard to achieve her dream of helping her family one day. Since she joined the school she has often fallen sick due to her poor build. But as soon as she recovers she is back to the school with her books. Her efforts have earned her respect from the teachers and have given her father a reason to hold his head high.


Priyanka and her family are from Uttar Pradesh but have lived in New Delhi for the last five years. Priyanka’s father has a ninth standard education, which means he is ineligible for most kinds of skilled employment in the nation’s capital. Instead, he sells hosiery, for which he earns about Rs.100 (US $2.00) per day – not enough to support his family of six. Priyanka’s uncle kindly provides the family with assistance but after the survival bills have been paid there is nothing left over for the children’s education.

Ideally, Priyanka, her brother and two sisters, would go to a private school where all the lessons are conducted in English. There they would learn not only the skills needed to earn a reasonable wage but also the international language of the 21st century. However, reality rarely approaches such ideals in the Tigri slum area where Priyanka lives.

It was with great joy, therefore, that Priyanka’s parent learned of HOPE worldwide’s Shiksha School, recently established near their home. For the first time, they enjoyed the hope of a meaningful education for their kids. And Priyanka is already thriving there – brimming with confidence and with the motivation to make something of her life.

‘I want to be a teacher,’ she says. May her dreams come true.


Salamat is five years old and has two sisters and a younger brother. His parents are uneducated and only his father makes some income by selling fruits. The money is not enough to feed six mouths. They live in a very cramped condition with constant water and electricity problems. But despite these problems and deprivation, Salamat father kept his hopes to see his children going to school one day. He was not disappointed as soon his own brother introduced him to our school. Salamat was among the first children to be admitted when the school opened in Sangam Vihar. Salamat comes to the school everyday, proudly wearing his school uniform.


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